The Mission of a Mentor


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If you simply want to complete homework, you hire a tutor.  

A MENTOR is much more.  A mentor can lead you to your inner scholar, so you can go beyond school expectations and discover your own path of learning.

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What Mentors Do:

*     LISTEN

*     INSPIRE you to do your best

*     TAP your strengths and interests

*     STOCK your student toolbox

*    AWAKEN your inner scholar

We are born wanting to learn. Sometimes we just need a bit of help to find the right track again.  Sometimes along the way we become lost.

When we experience difficulties, face challenges, we can get off track and need help rediscovering the joys of learning and experience the exhilaration of success.

My mission is to give rise to youth voices.

Creating opportunities for mastery fosters intellectual and personal development. Providing high quality services means meeting each person where they are, and guiding a student until academic achievement and even is within reach.  More importantly, youth need a place to speak their opinions, identify the values they’ve been taught and strengthen their identity.

Thus, mentoring isn’t a cookie cutter process, rushing students through a factory conveyor belt that is basically meaningless to them.  Real learning requires, patience, making mistakes, a lot of reflection and trust.

One of my students wrote, “My dream is to become a writer, and an artist. This class helped me push my way forward to this dream. -K.M. (11 yo).   No higher praise can be given than to be told that I lit a path for a youth.

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   “I like a teacher who gives you something to  take home to   
     think  about besides homework.”                                                               
      ~Lily Tomlin

A mentor starts where you are, supporting a specific area of academics while nurturing a broader, more creative approach to learning.  Mentors awaken your passions, guide you to make the most of your strengths.  Mentors help you refine your goals and inspire you to give your best to live life to the fullest.

Working with you is the component of mentoring that helps you believe you have the potential within you to become a scholar.

Nuts and Bolts of Working Together


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